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  • Commuters have many choices when it comes to getting to work...

    Bus and Rail Transit

      For many people, bus and rail transit systems exemplify "quality of life". Enjoy letting someone else do the driving when you ride the bus. Get to your destination quicker, bypassing all vehicular traffic, when you ride the rail. Read more...


      Telework is already common among some of the country's best and fastest-growing corporations. Teleworkers can be either part-time or full-time at home, at satellite work centers or staffed telecenters. Telework relieves overcrowded office-space conditions, improves employee productivity, attracts talented employees, reduces absenteeism and turnover, and complements "family-friendly" initiatives designed to improve overall quality of work/life for employees. Read more...


      Your neighbor, your spouse, your co-worker -- there are so many potential carpoolers to choose from. Carpooling helps save costs, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and maintain personal convenience for many. Read more...


      Get together with fellow employees and vanpool to work. Vanpools are a common commuter choice alternative, especially in areas where employees commute long distances or lack adequate transit services. Vanpooling can save individuals hundreds of dollars a year since the commute cost is spread among so many people. Furthermore, vanpools qualify for tax benefits. Read more...

    Walking and Bicycling

      Do you often say to yourself, "I'll start exercising once work quiets down", yet never follow through? Then why not exercise and save money at the same time by walking or bicycling to work? If you live less than a mile from work, a nice morning walk to work can put you in the right mood for the entire day. For those who live further from work, typically less than seven miles, bicycle commuting is a great way to squeeze regular exercise into a hectic schedule. Read more...

    Work Choices

      Want an extra day each week with your family or for yourself? A compressed work week plan allows employees to work additional hours each day in return for a day off. Many employers offer compressed work weeks as a benefit of employment. Staggered work hours and flextime allow employees to alter when they get to work and leave for home. This lets you avoid the very worst of rush hour traffic. Read more...

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