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  • Telework is becoming increasingly utilized by many employees who wish to forego the long commute in order to concentrate on their work. Employers are also finding that their employees are more productive and generally happier with their work, when the offer the flexibility of telework.

    If telework is available at your worksite, you may want to consider joining the other 23.6 million employees who work part-time from home during the workweek. Telework is not appropriate for every job, nor is it appropriate for every person, however, it may be right for you and your employer.

    Benefits of telework

    • Productivity: Research shows teleworkers work more hours per day and are more productive, on average, as compared to those who are restricted to an office location. If you find yourself often distracted at the office, telework may be a viable option for you.
    • Flexibility: Teleworkers often cite "flexibility" as the number one reason why they telecommute. The ability to best allocate the limited hours in a week towards the most productive and efficient times is something most teleworkers cherish. Research indicates that well over half of employees who have teleworked before will turn down new job offers if the offer does not include telework opportunities.
    • Happiness at work: Teleworkers are, on average, more satisfied with their personal and family lives than are their non-telework counterparts. Furthermore, more than three-quarters of employees state that the telework program is a significant factor in their remaining at their current employer.

    To find out more about how to prepare for telework, visit:

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