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  • Vanpools can signficantly reduce your costs and save you time. Each van consists of 7 to 15 passengers sharing a ride to work. They typically live and work within similar areas. Each vanpool meets at a prespecified location every day for the commute to work, and, everyone is picked up at a predetermined time for the trip home. You do not need to participate every day, yet you can enjoy the benefits of reduced costs of driving and making use of any carpool-only lanes in your area on those days you do participate in the vanpool.

    Vanpoolers are often eligible for "guaranteed ride home" services in many metropolitan areas. Guaranteed Ride Home will provide a free taxi ride home to you if, for some reason, you are stuck at work or need to leave early from work, without your vanpool.

    Benefits of Vanpooling

    • Use carpool / HOV lanes to bypass traffic on highways, arterials, and bridges
    • Reduce the overall cost of parking, gasoline, insurance, and wear/tear on your automobile
    • Relax and let someone else drive you home

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