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    Commuter Choice is a nationwide partnership designed to help employers create customized solutions to their employees' commuting challenges. Commuter Choice can also include communities working with residents, schools working with students, and even developers working with future tenants to provide and promote choices for travelers.

    With employers, communities and others working together, Commuter Choice is expanding the availability and improving the viability of real "choices" in how people get around. By diversifying and customizing their approach to solving commuting challenges, employers and others are creating attractive, more profitable places to work and communities are creating healthier, more vibrant places to live.

    Commuter Choice has two key components: Commuting Choices and Supporting Programs.

    Commuting Choices

    Commuting Choices pertain to the individual choices that your employees make every day -- the very essence for how they get to and from work. As you implement Commuter Choice at your worksite, each of your employees will be presented with the need to identify their own choice for commute. You can assist this decision by offering the broadest choices that still fit with your particular employment setting. can help you identify local resources for assistance in setting up a program. You are also welcome to view our online guidance for establishing Commuter Choice at your worksite.

    Supporting Programs

    Supporting Programs help you, as an employer, stay ahead of your competition and your bottom line. Supporting program take advantage of many factors improving the viability and attractiveness of Commuter Choice programs.

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