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    Everyone wins from Commuter Choice!

    Employer Benefits Community Benefits
    • Improved employee recruitment and access to labor markets
    • Competitive advantage in tight labor markets
    • Improved employee retention and reduced employee turnover expenses
    • Enhanced productivity and work environment
    • Tax savings
    • Reduced demand for employee parking
    • Additional flexibility to grow and expand
    • National recognition as a community leader
    • Improved quality of life and community character
    • Enhanced air quality
    • More effective and efficient use of the transportation system
    • More cost-effective transportation solutions
    • Greater economic development potential
    • Fewer road construction impacts

    Commuter Choice is a valuable addition to current benefit packages. Unlike more traditional employee benefits (e.g., health care or vacation plans), Commuter Choice is a benefit that employees can use every day. Satisfaction is immediate, and savings to both the employer and employee are visible right away.

    Receive significant tax savings: One significant economic benefit of Commuter Choice is tax savings. For example, suppose a business has 25,000 employees, and the business pays for 50% of each employee's transportation costs ($390 per year). The employees exchange $390 per year in taxable compensation for tax-free transportation benefits. The total paid by the employer, after tax deductions, is $5.8 million. In addition, the employer saves almost $1.0 million in payroll taxes on the portion exchanged by employees. If a company pays for the entire commute benefit, it may deduct the amount of the benefit as a business expense. For example, a business expense of $19.5 million lowers corporate Federal taxes by $6.63 million.

    Retain valued employees: Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with your company, especially if your benefit package is comprehensive. If your company decides to relocate, or if an employee is moved to a different location, offering benefits will help valued employees adjust to their new commutes...and turn any longer travel time into a positive experience. You improve your chances of retaining those employees - and avoid the cost of recruiting and training new ones.

    Expand and enhance the labor pool: Commuter Choice benefits keep you competitive in your recruiting. In today's job market, potential employees are interested in the benefit packages offered by various companies.Offering state of the art benefits packages that include Commuter Choice programs makes it easier to recruit the best talent for your company.

    Reduce your operating costs: Options such as compressed work weeks and telework opportunities create space in overcrowded offices and save capital and operating costs for employee parking. Your organization can also generate revenue by leasing the spaces to other companies or by converting the land to additional facilities or office buildings. And, more parking is available for your customers.

    Improve employee morale and productivity: Traffic congestion can take away valuable time from employees' personal lives and add stress to their daily routines. Providing commuting benefits demonstrates your concern for your employees' needs and boost morale. The benefit to you: employees who feel their employers consider their needs are likely to be more motivated and productive.

    Complement family-friendly initiatives: Today's employers recognize that employees have to struggle to handle family and work, and they are taking measures to improve the overall quality of work/life for their employees. A sick child or a doctor's appointment can cause people to miss a day of work. Through options such as telework or condensed workweeks, employees are able to meet both their work and family obligations.

    Commuter Choice benefits are better than a salary increase!

    The old way ABC Company has decided to give its employees a raise of $780 for the year.
    • Cost to business: $840 (salary plus FICA)
    • Salary increase for employee: $455 (salary minus income and FICA taxes)
    The Commuter Choice way ABC Company has decided to give a $780 Commuter Choice benefit instead.
    • Cost to business: $470 (Commuter Choice benefit minus corporate tax deductions)
    • Salary increase for employee: $780 (tax-free benefit)

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