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    See what other employers are saying about Commuter Choice...

    "You never know if [Commuter Choice] is the one benefit that will bring the best new employees to Calvert Group".

      Judy Shobe (Human Resources Manager), Calvert Group, when asked why Commuter Choice was initiated for such a large investment firm.

    The United States Automobile Association's (USAA) vanpool program "has been a tremendous success that benefits employers and employees alike…." according to Chris Treutler, Director of Vehicle Operations and Maintenance.

      Chris Treutler (Director of Vehicle Operations and Maintenance), USAA.

    "Overall, people love this program and it enables us to attract and retain the best employees."

      Brian Pietsch (Director of Government Relations), American Express.

    "We care about the employees and we're flexible enough to meet their needs, too…For us, these services have been very easy to put in place and maintain."

      Gene Smith (Human Resources Manager), Elizabeth Arden.

    "Participation has increased... It's a great benefit for the employee, the company and the environment."

      Catherine Martin (Program Administrator), SmithKline Beecham.

    "...It's one of the best commitments we've made to our employees."

      Barry Lem, L3 Communications.

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