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Commuter Choice Explained

Reduced traffic congestion and improved travel times

Higher quality of life and better air quality

These are the benefits of Commuter Choice and the reasons why employers, communities and others are working together to expand the availability and ensure the viability of real "choices" in how people get around.

Commuter Choice is a nationwide partnership designed to help employers create customized solutions to their employees' commuting challenges. Commuter Choice can also include communities working with residents, schools working with students, and even developers working with future tenants to provide and promote choices for travelers.

For years, the term commuter choice referred simply to the tax incentives available to employers and commuters. While these and other incentives remain a critical part of the overall equation, Commuter Choice is now taking on a broader, more comprehensive meaning that encompasses the full spectrum of commuting choices, supporting programs and organizational resources.

With Commuter Choice, employers and communities across the country are turning commuting challenges into significant opportunities where everyone benefits. Now, more than ever, Commuter Choice is America's Way to Work.

The majority of content on is divided between two distinct markets: employers and commuters. Please click on the following links to access these two principal sections.

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