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Register Your Company or Organization as a Commuter Choice Service Provider

Thank you for your interest in Following the completion of this form, and review by our staff, your organization will be listed as a Commuter Choice Service Provider to all visitors. Whenever an employer in your service area states an interest in setting up a Commuter Choice program, an email message will automatically be sent to the principal email contact in our database. Further information about the client will be sent in that email message.

If you have any questions about this form, the database, or how this process works, please contact

This form, to be completed over the next two pages, will take approximately five (5) minutes to complete.

All fields must be completed

Organizational Contact Information

1. Name of company or organization:

2. Type of company or organization (select one):
Governmental agency
Commercial / For-Profit
Non-profit organization (ie, TMA, TMO, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

3. First name and last name of principal contact:

4. Principal street/suite address for firm or organization:

5. City, State, and ZIP:   

6. Principal contact's phone number:

7. Principal contact's fax number:

8. Principal contact's email address:

9. Do you have a Commuter Choice oriented page on your organization's website? If so, please enter the full address without the "http://" (ie, "") here:

Organizational Services Offered

Please check all Commuter Choice services that your organization offers to employers. Commuter Choice visitors will only see those services for which you select on this form.

10. Services provided to employers: Check all that apply.

    Vanpool Services
    Vanpool passes, subsidies, and/or vouchers
    Vanpool matching
    General vanpool program set-up
    Transit Services
    Transit passes, subsidies, and/or vouchers
    Transit routing and/or trip guides
    General transit assistance
    Worksite Services
    Alternative Work Arrangements (compressed work weeks, flextime, etc.)
    Telework assistance
    Alternative transportation marketing and/or events
    Alternative transportation friendly site design
    Parking management, cash-out, or preferred parking set-up
    Commuter Services
    Ridematching assistance
    Guaranteed Ride Home
    Bicycle and Pedestrian programs
    Other Services
    Tax benefits implementation assistance
    Incentives programs
    Cost / Benefit analyses for transportation options
    Regional transportation coordination and/or advocacy

11. Does your organization provide direct rail or bus services to commuters? Only transit agencies and similar organizations should answer "yes".
Yes (transit provider)
No (not transit provider)

12. Does your organization provide direct vanpool subscription services to commuters? Only vanpool operators, transit agencies, MPOs, and similar organizations should answer "yes".
Yes (vanpool provider)
No (not vanpool provider)

13. Does your organization charge employers for services? Please check all that apply.
No cost or fee for employers (every service is available free-of-charge)
Membership required for services (membership fee or subscription is required for access to services)
Administrative fee or surcharge for services (a set or percentage fee is charged for the administration of services)
Direct cost for services (a set price is identified per service - for example, $1 per employee for guaranteed ride home)
Other costs for services

Regional Operations

14. Does your organization offer Commuter Choice services in all 50 states and commonwealths?
Yes (nationwide Commuter Choice services provider)
No (not nationwide Commuter Choice services provider)

15. What states and/or commonwealths does your orgnization provide services in? Check all that apply. If you selected "Yes" to question 13, above, you do not need to complete this section.

    Alabama Montana
    Alaska Nebraska
    Arizona Nevada
    Arkansas New Hampshire
    California New Jersey
    Colorado New Mexico
    Connecticut New York
    Delaware North Carolina
    Florida North Dakota
    Georgia Ohio
    Hawaii Oklahoma
    Idaho Oregon
    Illinois Pennsylvania
    Indiana Rhode Island
    Iowa South Carolina
    Kansas South Dakota
    Kentucky Tennesse
    Louisana Texas
    Maine Utah
    Maryland Vermont
    Massachusetts Virginia
    Michigan Washington
    Minnesota West Virginia
    Mississippi Wisconsin
    Missouri Wyoming
    U.S. Commonwealths
    American Samoa District of Columbia
    Guam Northern Marianas
    Puerto Rico Virgin Islands

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